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If you're into caves, Laurel Caverns is pretty cool. Nice tours, but the real thing that we enjoyed is the putt-putt golf course in a cave - KavernPutt!

Don't worry, it's not actually in the real caves - that would be a little sad to ruin mother nature with a putt putt course. Instead, they built a 10,000 square foot fake cave around a putting green.

The cool part is they built a simulated cave for the handicap that were not able to experience the real thing (because of wheel chair access issues), and then to fund it, they put a putting green in. The cave is completely flat and accessible for the handicap. How cool is that???

Of course, Laurel Caverns is about caves, not plastic putt-putt attractions. So if you're looking for giant plastic wind mills, or alligators to putt golf balls through, you'll be disappointed. You won't find any of that here, only unique cave oriented putting greens. In fact, at times you'll probably think it's a little too cave like - it's dark, tight, and smells moldy (because they pump in air from the real cave).

So, if you're in the area, or on a road trip, take a minute to stop in this very unique, and very cool road trip destination for a quick round of putt-putt - in a cave! I'd recommend a flash light though.

Cost is $5/per person.

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200 Cavern Park Rd, Farmington, PA 15437, United States
Phone: (724) 438-2070
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