Louisbourg National Historic Park

Louisbourg, Nova Scotia Canada

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Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site in the Province of Nova Scotia Canada
is by far the biggest restored/rebuilt historic site in Canada. They have actually rebuilt 1/4 of the entire 1700s French fortress and village. During the summer it has over 100 live reenactors walking, living and working in the village. Not to mention the onsite restaurant is open. Note summers are short in Canada, and even shorter in Nova Scotia, so call to find out summertime dates and hours, you can visit later in the year but more likely to be cold, to have few reenactors onsite or be able to take a break in the restaurant as will be closed.
When you arrive, you walk into the Fortress and find French soldiers marching down the streets of the town, as ladies dance in formal parlours. Cannons are fired and no worries when it shakes the ground. Harpsichord play while mingling with the wonderful smell of freshly baking bread aromas drift from the 1740 stone bakery. Really, as you step through Louisbourg’s fortress walls you time-warp back to the 1700s. You can chat with fishermen, sailors and servants. Sip rum and watch lace-making, as children play 300-year-old games and a hearty stew simmers on an open-hearth fire. It IS SO VERY real, it seems surreal. It's simply one of the best historic sites anywhere from around the world. Not to mention other historic sites that are part of the official National Park system are in the area. Not to mention, the Cape Breton Highland National Park with it's famous semi circular ocean route drives are just a couple hours away. Finally, you have a forested green RV park, less than 1 mile away from the historic site.ⁿ

Where to Find It
259 Park Service Rd, Louisbourg, NS B1C 2L2, Canada
Phone: (902) 733-3552
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