How to Road Trip

The road trip is something that every one of us should experience at least once.   It doesn’t matter if that trip is from Florida to Alaska, or just a couple of hours outside of your hometown, a road trip is a road trip – always a blast, but always something that requires a little “know how” to survive.   What follows is some tongue-in-cheek advice on “how to road trip”.

How to Take a Road Trip

So, you’re thinking about a road trip huh?   Good for you.   Road trips are the truest way to travel in my opinion (next to walking – but who are we kidding here).   Nothing is better than a road trip with no plan and no agenda.  Just a sense of adventure, a full tank of gas and five of your closest friends and family all stuffed into a hatchback for hours on end, praying that no one passes gas.

In case it wasn’t clear, that last part of the sentence was meant to be sarcastic.    Don’t get me wrong,   experiencing a road trip with friends or family is the only way to do it.   But, don’t go into it lightly when traveling with groups of others.   As someone who has taken hundreds of road trips, I can say with confidence that there are definite guidelines to follow.   So, take my advice below on how to road trip and have a better trip in the end.

Take a Road Trip, Not a Cruise

When you go to a greasy hamburger joint, do you order a salad and expect it to be good?  No!  When you’re on a road trip, do road trippy things.    Explore small towns.   Stop at weird and wacky places that are out of the way.   Interact with strangers to learn about where you are.     You never know what you might find – heck, it could be the best darn roadside salad bar you’ve ever experienced!

There’s really no right “how to” here, the point being is don’t just do the same stuff you do every day – like commute on a highway – get off the beaten path and try something new.

Your Home on the Road

If you say this once about your car during a road trip, you brought too much stuff.    Taking a road trip is meant to help you experience something other than home.    You’re not a hobo.  So, don’t try to take your whole house with you.   I guarantee you will survive and you will probably enjoy it a lot more.

Put the DVD players, video games, fifteen extra changes of clothes, moisturizing cream, scuba gear, etc back.   Make sure you have your wallet, ID, some cash and a credit card and go.   Experience something new, not what you already have.


I’m not talking about gasoline.  Look, any good road trip diet is going to be 48% sugar based, 42% fat/lard based, 30% protein based (which was fried in the fat/lard previously mentioned).   People are going to fart, it’s a natural thing.   Please, don’t try to just sneak it out so the whole car spends the next 10 minutes wondering what that smell is.   

Let it rip, and claim it.   You’ve now done two things that are good for any road trip:  made everybody laugh, and gotten everyone to roll down the windows right away minimizing the damage.   

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